BBA in CIS - Business Analytics Concentration

The Department of Information Systems and Analytics offers an academic program that leads to the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree with a major in Information Systems (IS) with a concentration in Business Analytics (BA). The BBA degree in IS at Texas State University specializes in providing a leading-edge, highly marketable information systems education.

The curriculum for a BBA in IS (Business Analytics) includes a variety of courses in Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, Economics, and Information Systems in addition to the courses offered in Business Analytics.

The curriculum of the BBA in IS (Business Analytics Concentration) is composed of the following:
Lower division courses: (24 semester hours)
Upper division courses: (19 semester hours)
43 hours
33 hours
Total 120 hours
The ISA program curriculum builds on a foundation of five courses:
  • CIS 2324 Visual Programming I
  • CIS 3374 Systems Analysis and Design
  • CIS 3382 Computer Database Systems
  • QMST 3339 Data Mining and Visualization
  • QMST 3341 Big Data Analysis
Additional elective courses allow for the student to specialize their skills and knowledge for a specific job type or employer.

At least two of the following prescribed quantitative methods courses:

  • QMST 3334 Statistical Modeling
  • QMST 4314 Optimization
  • QMST 4320 Data Analytics

At least two upper level courses:

  • CIS 3325          Visual Programming II
  • CIS 3350          Information Security Assurance: Principles and Practices
  • CIS 3360          e-Business Applications Design and Development
  • CIS 3375          Enterprise Computing Skills using COBOL
  • CIS 3389          Business Application Programming III
  • CIS 3390          Project Management for Business Professionals
  • CIS 4318          Enterprise System Development and Application Security
  • CIS 4319          Mobile Application Development for Windows
  • CIS 4320          Mobile Application Development for Apple-iOS
  • CIS 4321          Mobile Application Development for Android
  • CIS 4322          Computer System Development and Design
  • CIS 4332          Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
  • CIS 4348          Fundamentals of Data Communications
  • CIS 4349          Advanced Database Management Systems
  • CIS 4350          Information Systems Security
  • CIS 4358          Network Administration
  • CIS 4360          Developing Business Solutions for the Enterprise
  • CIS 4395          Independent Study in Information Systems
  • CIS 4399         Information Systems and Analytics Internship
You can view the specific course descriptions by visiting ISA Course Descriptions
You can see the specific course requirements by visiting the Degree Plan Page for ISA
In support of the IS curriculum the department has established major academic alliances with Dell, HEB, Amazon, Google, USAA, and Microsoft.
The department's Industry Advisory Board, which is comprised of IT professionals from major corporations, plays an active role in shaping the future direction of our IS curriculum.